Minggu, 03 April 2011

The Changcuters

The Changcuters is a band from Bandung, Indonesia. Musical groups established in 2005, this September 19-member Mohammad Tria Ramadhani (vocalist), Muhammad Iqbal  (backing vocals & guitar), Arlanda Ghazali Langitan (guitarist), Dipa Dipa Nandastyra Hasibuan or (bassist), and Eric Nindyoastomo aka Eric (drummer). His first album is Trying to Success (2006) and followed by a second album (repackaged) Trying to Success Back released in 2008. The band is generally rock genre. they call their music stream our A'la garage rock n roll. The establishment of this band was initiated by Dipa, Tria and Qibil a friend sekampus. They also invite Alda and Eric, who is also friends Qibil band while in high school. The Changcuters not a meaningful name slob or derived from the Sundanese language, which means men's underwear. But it comes from the name of a friend, Cahya, popular in their eyes because of funny.

Bondoc name became known after starring in ads''Flexi beuuh''with''jargon''. Before that, they have released their first album in August 2006 titled Trying Success. The album was born with the help of Uki Peterpan, including in the process of making the master cassette and CD duplicating process, schedule a recording studio and other costs. Unfortunately this album was less successful in the market. Through the help of Uki also Bondoc could penetrate Sony BMG. After joining Sony BMG, the second album was released in 2008. In the same year, The Changcuters also starred in a movie called The Tarix Jabrix. Not only starred in, a few soundtracks in this movie using the songs in their second album.

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